Texprocess 2019: Morgan Tecnica stands firm as it sees success of its 4.0 based technologies

There are only a few companies available which have complete integrated cutting solutions right from designing 2D and 3D CAD, cut order planning software, spreaders, labelling software and cutters to PLM in their basket. An eminent Italian technology provider Morgan Tecnica has it all. Although Morgan has not chosen the easiest way of low price, it is riding high with an average 40 per cent annual growth for quite some years now due to performance, quality, long-term sustainability of its solutions and better ROI period. I spoke to Federica Giachetti, President, Morgan Tecnica in Texprocess ‘19, Frankfurt (Germany) to have better understanding on what the company is looking at to achieve in the years coming ahead. “If customers are looking for cheap solution, Morgan is probably not for them but if they are looking for ‘cost-effective’ solution, we are here to serve them,” shared Federica strongly, adding, “The technology has a cost as there are lot of efforts going behind it but running cost of our machine is the lowest. So maybe our customers spend a little more amount when they buy Morgan’s equipment but we can assure them that payback time is lower than others.”

Technological innovations have always been priority for Morgan and the company keeps working aggressively on what it doesn’t have in its portfolio, but is actually a need in the market. Sensing this, Morgan collaborated with Speed Step in 2018 and signed a worldwide exclusive agreement for a new PLM system and a new Studio Design package. On one hand, Speed Step had 25 years of experience in developing PLM, Morgan on the other hand never had expertise in PLM solution but had a strong global distributing network. “They did not have a strong sales network and aggressive marketing strategy, while we had best of the network worldwide. This was the first synergy which made us sign an agreement with them for worldwide exclusivity,” informed Federica.

Federica further shared, “When we both started working with each other, we realised the synergy was much deeper and it was more of technical.” Morgan then realised that PLM should never be a standalone system as it is a software which manages the complete supply chain within fashion industry, so the whole process should be more competitive and interactive. Both the companies then worked together to make this PLM more interactive so that more customers across the globe could be brought in. “Morgan was not an expert in PLM solution, so we were not certain if customers would show their interest in this software. But the market immediately realised the advantage of this approach of ours. From Brazil to North America and from India to China, customers really responded well to this PLM,” claimed Federica.

Morgan keeps on innovating its solutions to pace up with Industry 4.0 trend. The roots of Morgan are firmly planted in Machine to Machine (M2M) communication as its automatic cutter is able to predict any possible breakdown in advance, such as knife breakage, or bearings failure. There are a number of sensors equipped in the cutter that check the level of stress of the mechanics in the most critical area of cutter. “With these sensors, we inform our customers in advance that they should change their parts or we suggest them that they are probably not working on right parameters such as the right set-up, speed and acceleration and if they keep on working the way they are doing, they are stressing the cutter a lot which probably helps in early breakdown in some components,” explained Federica. Markedly, the automatic cutter also keeps track of the main components and itself tells the customers that they should plan their maintenance in maximum 3 or 4 days to prevent hampering of production. “Moreover, our cutter can generate detailed reports quickly to monitor in real time what is happening in production facilities, how much fabric is being consumed and how many garments are being produced. So if there is any disparity in the ongoing process against the planned target, our customers can ask production managers to speed up the operations,” asserted Federica.

Interestingly, Morgan reinvests most of the profit on its R&D activities. Recently it has invested in two more production facilities in Italy and expanded its R&D and IT divisions. “This is the area where we are investing the most. And customers acknowledge that,” commented Federica.

Continuing with what Federica said, Manik Chowdhury, MD, Eastman Technocrafts Limited , dealer of Morgan Tecnica based in Bangladesh, opined that everybody is looking to invest in automation as they are transforming themselves to become more organised and optimising their cost in order to become more competitive. “A few years ago, people looked at cheap solutions but Eastman together with Morgan has educated the industry and convinced them to go for long-term sustainable products, in which we have years of expertise,” concluded Manik.

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