Top 10 Shapewears You Should Consider To Buy This 2022

For some people, picking a set of upper garments, pants, and underwear is enough for their attire of the day. However, there are some that are looking for something else to be more confident about their get-up. Women in particular feel that using shapewear is important for them to pull off their dresses.


Just like any other garment, choosing shapewear that is best for your body is very important. You wouldn't want to pick the wrong shapewear that would only make you feel more conscious about your appearance.


This article is dedicated to shapewear users who want to try the perfect product for their bodies. Each person has their own personal taste, but functionality and comfortability should remain the topmost considerations.

What Is A Shapewear?


To those who are not familiar, a shapewear is an undergarment that offers a smooth-looking curve to your real body figure. In this period of time when more people are already aware of body positivity, some people would still choose to look visually pleasing by making some adjustments in their bodies.


There are women who have beautiful natural curves, but they would still need a little bit of help from shapewears to augment those curves. Shapewear also goes by the term "spanx," which came from a very popular brand of shapewears in the market.


While shapewear is a tool that boosts the confidence of most women, there are a few who do not like their bodies to feel too compressed. After all, the compressive nature of a shapewear is one of its very important functionalities.


In spite of all the negative comments presented by some shapewear users, its purpose is very real. Shapewear aims to make women become more confident in their own skin.

What Are The Considerations In Choosing The Right Shapewear For You


As we already mentioned, the tightness of some shapewear products is the primary reason why there are women that dislike them. However, clothing technology has already improved over the years. We now have high-tech garment features that will make the user feel a lot less compressed.


At this point, the number one consideration in choosing the right shapewear for you is comfortability. Above the style at appeal, you should never try a shapewear that causes discomfort.


Remember, shapewear should make you more confident in your own skin. If wearing one is compromising your comfort, or worse, already introducing physical pain, you must consider other shapewear products.


Another important consideration is the aesthetics of your shapewear. Some women do not mind the appearance of their shapewear. That is understandable since shapewears are like undergarments that are hidden beneath your top clothes.


However, some women would want to look at themselves wearing nothing but their underdress and shapewears. It is important that your shapewear adds to your natural beauty.


Your shapewear does not have to look too elegant, but it must look pleasant and presentable at the very least. You can go with different styles, patterns, and colors, as long as you feel that you are visually appealing.

What Are The Top 10 Trending Shapewears In 2022


·Fajate: Among all available shapewears in the market, a fajate offers the over-all body reshaping and augmenting package. It is an excellent form-fitting foundation garment that focuses on the lower torso to give a plump and curved look for your behind. Aside from aesthetic purposes, a fajate can also be worn for medical reasons, or simply to change your posture.


·Brazilian padded panty: Women who are conscious about the size of their butt can try a Brazilian padded panty.

·Butt and thigh enhancer: A type of shapewear that targets multiple portions of the lower body, a butt and thigh enhancer is preferred by most women wanting to get a pleasant and curved behind.

·Butt lifter: A butt lifter is a personal favorite as it creates an impression that your butt has increased in size. However, the magic behind this is that the shapewear reallocates the mass of your butt upwards to make it prominent.

·Long John shapewear: This shapewear targets the thighs and legs to make them look toned under the pants.

·Booty enhancing skinny jeans: This is a special type of skinny jeans for women that gives a nice curve to the butt and hips.

·Steel-boned corset: An effective, all-around shapewear that targets the abdomen and waist, a steel-boned corset is an in-demand product among women, although some might tell you that it is a little bit uncomfortable. Although, most women get easily used to this shapewear's fit.

·Shaping dress slip: A shaping dress slip is one of the most comfortable shapewears that you can find. The body will not feel too compressed, but it is an efficient body reshaper.

·Tummy shaper: A tummy shaper is probably the most commonly ordered shapewear. Those who have problems with their abdomen size will find this shapewear very helpful.

·Flattering leg shape: A flattering shapewear is perfect for those women who want to have a pair of beautiful, toned legs.



Wrapping Up

Every woman's body is different. What works for one body type may not work for others. Before trying out a particular shapewear, make sure that it fits your current body size and features. The priority in choosing the best shapewear is your own personal comfort.


Nonetheless, you are free to experiment and check out new shapewear items that you haven't tried yet. You can also try a combination of two or more shapewears, say a fajate and a butt lifter.


Who knows, the perfect shapewear for you might just be a click away.


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